Speed Bump = Lost Mojo!

So, it happened….. I hit a speed bump into my fitness journey and lost my mojo!

Annoyingly, rather than just correcting myself and getting back on track, I did what I know lots of people have done and went off track for a little while.

  • I stopped going to the gym,
  • stopped drinking water,
  • didn’t watch as closely what I was eating,
  • didn’t think about the ‘empty calories’ I was consuming in my drinks,
  • stayed away from Instagram,
  • stopped blogging

I’m irritated at myself that I started out really strong and was full of energy and drive but couldn’t quite maintain it and because of a few birthday lunches, some busy weeks at work and just general pressure, it was easier to sacrifice the gym and workout time instead of working through it and pushing myself.

Having said that, with every annoying negative there is a happy positive and, whilst I’ve lost a few weeks on my journey, I did, on reflection have the following epiphanies which granted, you probably all already know:

  • I need to drink water – these last few weeks my energy levels and focus generally have been a bit sporadic. When I was drinking more water I was certainly more focused and it seemed to impact the energy I had too. Generally, I hate drinking water so it’s not usually my go to drink and I definitely have to work at making myself drink enough of it during the day.
  • I need to eat more healthily – lots of eating out (a downside of the work I do is that I do a lot of networking which usually has a lunch or a dinner element!) and then being too tired to make proper meals means I’ve been reaching for the convenience and snack foods. Definitely making me feel more bloated, tired and craving more sweet treats!
  • Planning is a must! – with the hectic lives we all lead, finding time to plan meals and then the shopping can seem like a laborious task but when I was doing this properly, my meals were better, the snacks in the house were healthier and I wasn’t going for the naughty treats as frequently.
  • Working out is a great mood lifter – 100% my mood has been massively impacted by these last few weeks. I didn’t realise just how much of a mood lifter working out actually was! I felt so much better about myself for a start but if I’d had a bad day I could go and take it out on some weights in the gym. I also felt like I was getting somewhere and I could start to see (small) gains happening! … clearly these last few weeks has had an impact on all of this.

The biggest thing as well as the above though is that what I had used as a motivator I stayed away from; Instagram and my blog! Seeing other people on their fitness journeys, getting inspiration for meals and workouts and connecting with like minded people as well as sharing my own journey had had a positive impact on me. But, these last few weeks I was telling myself that I was just ‘too busy’ to check out Instagram or update my blog.

In reality, I knew that I could have found the time if I wanted to but I was hiding because I actually felt like a failure. The thought of posting a picture on Instagram of the chocolate cake I’d eaten at my Dad’s 60th birthday made me feel guilty and equally writing in my blog about what I’d NOT achieved made me feel even worse, so, I did the cowardly thing and hid from it. That was, until today.

Today I’ve made a choice, rather than continuing to hide and hoping that my mojo would find me at the bottom of a box of Cadburys Celebrations (other snacks are available), I’m going to suck it up, straighten my ponytail and get back on track, happy in the knowledge that yep, I’ve messed up a bit but I’ve learnt a few things too 🙂

So…. time to get my workout gear on and get my ass to the gym!!

Thanks for reading my blog 🙂


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2 Replies to “Speed Bump = Lost Mojo!”

  1. Welcome back! Sometimes it’s not until you stop doing something that you realise what you lose by not doing it and what you have to gain By doing it. We’re with you all the way!

    1. Ah thank you Laura that means a lot 🙂 i can’t tell you how much better I feel already having done a bit of exercise and started eating better .. work in progress but I’m back at it 🙂 xx

      Hope all is good with you, you looked gorgeous at the ball! Xx

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